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How can we help?

  • Application & Reports
    Assists faculty and staff with various needs regarding BSD Applications & Reports.
  • Information Security
    Assists departments and labs in developing effective information security strategies.
  • Firewall Request
    Request adding or changing firewall rules for servers in the BSD/CRI computing environment. 
  • Virtual Machine Request
    Request a new Virtual Machine (VM) managed by BSD Information Services or seek help with an existing one
  • General IT Request
    Assists with any General IT Request that are not covered by other request forms.
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Provide the BSD with stable and secure technology services in a way that enables our faculty, staff, and students to further the tripartite mission of the division.

What we do:

BSDIS provides information system services to the Biological Sciences Division including IT security, solution delivery services (custom applications and reporting solutions), end-user device support. Please use the menus above to explore these services.