BSD Instructors with Zoom Exceptions

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Due to HIPAA and privacy regulations, The University of Chicago Medical Center has its own instance of Zoom that has several features disabled to protect patient privacy. Due to the Organized Healthcare Arrangement (OHCA), all employees of the Biological Sciences Division but also be included in this Zoom instance.

As an instructor with The University of Chicago, you have been granted a temporary exemption to use the main UChicago Zoom platform for teaching purposes. This will enable additional features of Zoom that are not available in the UC Medicine instance.

If you are unfamiliar with using Zoom for the classroom, IT Services hosts Zoom and Canvas training sessions to assist you with using these tools in your teaching. More information on these sessions can be found at this website.


If you choose to migrate to the instance, you will need to re-create your existing meetings. If you do not do this, your attendees may have issues joining your meetings. Additionally, if you are not teaching a quarter at any given point, you will be moved back to the instance and will once again need to re-create your existing meetings.

UChicago Zoom Account Activation Instructions

Please follow the instructions below to migrate your Zoom account to the UChicago Main instance.

  1. Zoom will send you an account invitation email to your inbox.
  2. If you wish to move your account, click Approve the Request within the email. If you do not wish to move your account. You may ignore the email.

  1. If you have approved the request, a web page will open on your browser to confirm the new Zoom account activation.
  2. Click I Acknowledge and Switch.

  1. Click Sign into Your Current Account.

  1. You will be redirected to the UChicago Zoom sign in page: Use this URL going forward to log in to your Zoom account.
  2. You will be prompted to enter your CNetID and password, and then complete the two-factor authentication process.

For additional resources about teaching with Zoom, visit this website.