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BSD-AADW Academic and Administrative Data Warehouse

The BSD AADW is the single source of data for the Analytics Program. The data warehouse is a special-purpose database modeled and optimized for analytics and ensuring consistent use of standardized, governed data definitions and business rules.

Data Warehouse Source Systems

  • Workday HR — BSD organization data, staff jobs and positions, and faculty demographics and appointments
  • ProFeeCube — Developed and maintained by UCPG. Includes RVUs, clinical benchmarks
  • ProfilesRNS — BSD Faculty profile data
  • FAS — BSD Financials
  • PAR — BSD Payroll
  • (Future) AURA — BSD-sponsored research proposals and awards

The data warehouse is updated nightly. BSD Analytics utilizes the data warehouse to provide information as of the latest data warehouse update, generally the previous business day.

Analytics Governance

The BSD Information Services and Informatics Governance serves to oversee Analytics within the BSD.  It is led by the Dean of Research and sponsored by the Associate Dean of Finance and Administration. It is made up of leaders from the Dean’s office, Faculty, and the Departments. The committee is responsible for the strategic vision and priorities of the program.