BSD Template Website FAQ

What is a BSD template website?

The template is used for all of our BSD academic departments, divisions, and the Pritzker website, as well as a few other sites. It features common design elements such a standardized home page layout, various components to display photos and information, and a UChicago color scheme.

Please see this page for limitations to the BSD template design, in order to better evaluate whether it is the right choice for you: Template Limitations.


How do I create a BSD template website?

The BSD template is available for divisional sites, but it comes with a small incremental cost to pay our vendor, IfThen, to launch it (~$6,000). Contact us at if you want to discuss this option. To see more custom development options offered by IfThen, visit their product guide site.

As an alternative, is completely free, but you have to be willing to figure out the platform and build the site or pay IT services to do it for you.


What if I don’t have the resources I need to update our website?

The university has contracted with six outside website design firms to assist in larger projects. You may read more about the preferred website developer list here.