BSD Template Website FAQ

BSD Template Limitations

Password Protection

We cannot put any content behind a CNET- or password-protected wall. The University provides several options as alternatives:

  • Voices – request and build a website and enable this feature, then link to it.
  • Box
  • CRI and CBIS file shares
  • Canvas (set up for course management)
  • RedCap – a secure, web-based tool for data collection/forms, managed by CRI.



There are hard-coded aspects to the design that include font size, picture size, etc. See the style guide for more details.



Webforms require custom code and are subject to IfThen’s hourly rate.


Code Changes

Changes, updates, or customizations have to be pushed out to all of the departments because the platform has the same code base.



This is an image-heavy design. You are strongly encouraged to allocate resources for professional photography. UC Creative is one option.