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The Information Security Office (ISO) is the central point of contact for information security in the BSD research and academic enterprise although computer security is something everyone can master; it’s something anyone who uses the Internet must master. Hackers, identity thieves, scammers, and online criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated. That means you need to be equally adept at fending them off.  This website will help you gain the skills you need to keep your technology secure and your information safe. Be aware and learn more about the security topics in the cybersecurity newsletters below.

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Security Programs

BSD NIST Framework Implementation Case Study (Whitepaper)
Secure Remote Access – BSD VPN Link new page
BSD ISO Encrypted Flash Drive Enforcement Link new page
Hardware Encrypted USB Flash Drive Link new page
Lost and Stolen Devices Program  Link new page
BSD Risk Assessment/ Business Impact Analysis Questionnaire Link new page
BSD UChicagoBox
BSD UCM Phishing Email Assessment and Prescriptive Education Initiative Link new page
BSD Security Assessment and Authorization (SAA) Link new page

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