Biological Sciences Learning Center

Hybrid Teaching Technology

Below you will find digital copies of all in-room instructions as well as additional information on using the DTEN Digital Whiteboards located in some of the BSLC Auditoriums.

In-Room Technologies

BSLC has been equipped with new technology to assist with your hybrid teaching. Here are a list of room’s and their technologies:

  • All rooms have received upgraded all-in-one computers (without touch screens for sanitary reasons.)
  • BSLC 109/115 – DTEN devices (see below) have been added as an alternative to chalkboards. Additionally, all instructors will receive personal lavaliers and presenter remotes for the duration of the quarter.
  • BSLC 001 – This room has received the same updates as 109/115 as well has receiving an upgraded camera to capture the instructor.
  • BLC 008/205 – These rooms have access to the DTENs (see below) and have also been outfitted with Logitech Group devices for camera, speaker, and microphone functionality.
  • All other classrooms, meeting rooms, and labs have access to a Logitech Connect device which can be used with either the in-room computer or a personal laptop. The Logitech Connect provides the room with camera, speaker, and microphone functionality. (Please do not remove the Logitech Connect devices from the rooms.)

DTEN Digital Whiteboard Instructions

DTENs are digital whiteboards that can assist with teaching where a traditional chalkboard/whiteboard has been used. BSD has four DTENs deployed in BSLC. They are located in: BSLC 109, BSLC 115, BSLC 205, and a 4th DTEN is shared between BSLC 001 and BSLC 008. You can view a demo of a DTEN here. If you wish to have a DTEN available in 001 or 008, please email Zach Sala at least 2 days in advance.